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GA Setlist: Vol 1

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

By Aless

Header photo by Marc Gabor

Hey everyone, Alessandra here. If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen Gen's post last week. If not, here's a little recap:

We've decided to introduce a weekly segment titled GA Setlist, where each week, Gen and I will take turns in curating playlists with a few of our favourite tracks. However, instead of curating playlists to finish your week strong, we'll be making them to KICKSTART it. We'll be alternating Mondays and posting them to the site.

To kick off our official Vol 1 Setlist, here's three tracks I can't get enough of lately.

'Set It Free (Live on Audiotree)' - Now, Now

This whole live performance from Now, Now has completely captured me and I've kept coming back to it week after week. I love how the band combines electronic synths and drum sounds with live instruments. Set It Free particularly stands out as it's catchy, fun and rhythmic - plus all of the additional drum fills decorate the track so nicely.

'overbehind' - flor

This track is catchy, overflowing with melodic pop hooks and layers of sugary guitar.

'Better' - Khalid

A laid back, chilled out tune which I've had on repeat during most of my late night drives this past week.

Let us know some of your favourite tracks in the comments below!

Until next week - Aless x


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