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GA Setlist: Vol 2

By Gen

Header photo by Maya Mensah

When it came to putting this week's GA Setlist together, I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster. Experiencing 13 minutes of music from Sampa the Great, Ecca Vandal and YoWo Music ended up reinforcing three things:

1. All of us have masculine and feminine qualities, and that need to be embraced.

'Energy' - Sampa the Great, Nadeem Din-Gabisi

The smooth, infectious rap runs of this Zambian-born, Botswana-raised artist stand out, capturing a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine energy that I'm drawn to (Intuition and ambition running through my veins). While the track isn't high-paced, the brass adding to the beat backbone and Din-Gabisi's spoken interlude further bring it to life.

2. Being a lover/maker of heavy music can come in any shape or form.

'Dead Wait' - Ecca Vandal

If there's any rising local musician defying boundaries at the moment, it's the Melbourne-based Ecca Vandal, born in South Africa and with Sri Lankan roots. Stumbling on her self-titled album from 2017 while gearing up for Good Things Festival was pure joy. Vandal's sultry yet softly powerful voice thrive on this tune, driven by strong drum and bass rhythms that combine ska, grunge and hip hop into a 'deadly' mix.

3. My mental and physical health started improving when I truly learned to love myself.

'Self Love' - Isabella Muñoz, YoWo Music

Strings, jazzy piano and Muñoz's gorgeously broken voice make this track a standout from a powerful debut body of work (Work Like That) by Melbourne music program YoWo Music. Feeling the artist talking about losing herself and learning to embrace her flaws, backed by lilting harmonies, made me tear up while on my train home, reflecting on my journey over the past few years struggling with hard-hitting anxiety - and learning to love myself for it.

Music will always continue to surprise and inspire me, and I hope it does for you too x - Gen


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