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GA Setlist: Vol 4

By Gen

Photo source: scenestr (if anyone knows the photographer please contact me via the Contact Page).

The heat's really ramping up here in Sydney, and so is the quality of my music discoveries. 2018 delivered in spades (as do bass lines in general) and here's my setlist for the week, with plenty of local love as always.

'Oscar Wilde' - The Cat Empire

This brass-infused ode to Felix Riebl's childhood dog is one that (no pun intended) perked my ears up on the way into the city this morning. From the intricate, punchy bass to distant vocal echoes and excellent harmonies, this song oozes positivity, and might remind you of an old friend past.

'Bless Up' - Esoterik

Being an integral member of Sydney-based hip hop trio Bliss n Eso has certainly helped shape Esoterik (aka Eso), and he's sure as hell carved out his own path with his debut solo EP My Astral Plane. The concept of positive rap is still considered a bit of a novelty, although becoming prevalent in the underground Aussie hip hop scene. The layered instrumentation, poetic yet relatable rap hooks, and samples of candid conversation throughout the EP make it a truly special one. "Bless Up" comes from the perspective of Esoterik as an artist, and sheds some light on his observations over the years. Powerful.

'Fractured and Dazed' - The Kooks

This bass and kickdrum-heavy track is a hard-hitting one from the English rockers' latest album released last year, Let's Go Sunshine. What reeled me in about the song was that even with its rhythmic, instrumental aura, the lyrics soar even above that. For me, it's about letting go of someone out of love, and embracing how enriching the good times were as opposed to the bad.

Just For You,

Gen x


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