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Shooting Down Music Photography Myths and Intellectual Property With Michelle Grace Hunder

By Genevieve Gao

Photo of Jhene Aiko by Michelle Grace Hunder, original source here

Sitting down over Skype at her home in Melbourne, established music photographer and co-creator of industry film Her Sound, Her Story, Michelle Grace Hunder, remembers her experience starting out in her career.

"A big surprise for a lot of people is that when I started shooting in Australian hip hop, I was this brown girl that rocked up to a predominantly white, male industry. At that time, it was also dominated by a lot of white artists. Now I've definitely had my experiences, but in terms of the artists, I was very much welcomed because they were grateful there was someone actually documenting the scene in Melbourne. I've definitely had experiences with security guards, not so much from the actual scene."

I approached my friend and industry collaborator Michelle in the wake of recent events, where the editor of European-based mag Metal Blast, photographer and attorney J. Salmeron was banned from any future Arch Enemy shows - This happened after Polish clothing company, Thunderball Clothing, re-posted one of his photos of the band with no credit to Salmeron.

This intimate chat shares Michelle's perspective on the incident, and her stance on intellectual rights to property. Her push to see perceptions of music photography shift in terms of being a genuine career path is one that I strongly believe needs to be elevated, and listening to Michelle opened my eyes in more ways than one.

Delve into the chat below, and support Michelle via her social links.

Michelle Grace Hunder