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Track By Track: Work Like That - YoWo Music

In an era ripe with new intiatives to support young local artists, Melbourne music program YoWo Music for girls and gender non-conforming youth is starting to make waves. They're set to unleash new album Work Like That on your ears tomorrow, as well as live at a launch show this Sunday.

The album is a labour of love spanning across nine rising artists, industry supporters Creative Victoria and Australia Council, artistic directors Lena Douglas and Claire Cross, and artist mentors Francesca Gonzales (Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird) and Maggie Rigby (The Maes).

Written and recorded over six months, Work Like That is a feast for the senses, taking you through waves of pop, rock, jazz and folk. Ahead of the record's release, each artist took us through their respective track/s:

'Built For Boys' (by Lily Harnath): ​​"My song is called 'Built For Boys' and is about one of my friends trying to find her identity, but I also think it relates to most people’s search for where and how they belong in the world. I was inspired by pop songwriting by artists such as by Alvvays and Japanese Breakfast."

'In The Morning' (by Indigo King): "​​My tune ‘In the Morning’ started off from the idea of procrastination and the effect it can have on our relationships. It had many different elements to it in the end, and it didn’t exactly convey one clear message or story. SZA is an artist I have been hugely inspired by over the last year, as her songwriting is very unique and interesting to me. Many of her tunes are not around one specific idea and don’t tell one story, but rather just sound like someone navigating their way through their own thought process, and translating that into lyrics and melody. I loved this songwriting style and have wanted to create something similar for a while. Kaiit has also been a huge influence on the musical side of the tune and chord/inversion choices. They are both sick artists who I admire a great deal!"

'Self Love' (by Isabella Munoz): "​​'Self Love' is about a person who struggled with themselves and forgot who they were. The song transitions from someone feeling broken and in pieces to gradually remembering that they are loved. Through understanding that the person who broke their heart was themself, they discovered that inhibiting from taking the time to love themself was what caused so much heartbreak. The end of the song signals that they forgave themself. My inspirations were mainly personal ideas and things I saw around me. So many people struggle with self-love, to the point where they drown themselves in negativity and forget who they are, which is, in my opinion, a bad thing. I've also struggled with loving myself, and for a time forgot who I was as well, but through music managed to find my way back. I hope other people who listen to my song can find pieces of their identity. Even if it's just a small piece, it means everything to me."

'Suck It Up' (by Lily Ward): "​​My song is inspired by the usual dysfunctional teenage relationship! Knowing that you’re wrong, but being selfish and wanting the other person to know they are too. Being ashamed of yourself, the other person or your relationship, and not wanting anyone to know, but at the same time trying to make it better."

'Your Mind' (by Bridget O'Meara): ​​"The song that I wrote is about trying to reach someone that is physically there, but their mind is so far away. It’s about trying to connect with someone in a world of their own as if they’re dreaming."

'Half The Time' (by Ruby Sweeney-Spitzeck): "​​For my song, the inspiration towards sitting down and just writing a piece definitely came from YoWo, and my eagerness to share something of my own with the band. But in the sense of the inspiration for the actual lyrics and form of the song, it really didn’t come from any of my own personal experiences or influencers. I just kind of made up an imaginary person with a story, and based the song off that. Although this story is made up, I almost feel now as if I know the person I was writing about and that some aspects of their life resonate within me."

'I’ll Hold On' (by Lucinda Moje-O’Brien):​​ "'I’ll Hold On' was written while I was in quite a fragile state of mind. I'd been on exchange in Germany for three months, and coming back to dreary, cold Melbourne was definitely a shock to the system. As some of the lyrics state, German life was easy, carefree and so relaxing, there wasn't anything to worry about. No homework to hand in, no family stresses. I had written the song while a bit annoyed about my mum, but it was interesting how quickly after writing it, we'd solved our issue and moved on. In some ways, the song isn't always the best reminder of that time, but it helped me to realise what I was actually feeling subconsciously and work through that."

'Christine' (by Pearl Harnath):​​ "My song 'Christine' is one that I wrote when I felt stuck in a weird and bad mental space that I couldn’t see myself getting out of. The song is about struggling to articulate these feelings, and sort of coming to the realisation that any pain is just a part of growth."

Mr Nobody (by Gen Boardman): ​​"My song is about homelessness, I’m not really sure what inspired me."

Follow YoWo Music via the links below, and you can buy tickets to this Sunday's launch show at The Evelyn Hotel here.