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We Aussies Love LPX So Much, She 'Might Not Make It Home'

By Gen

Header photo by Tafv Sampson

When Lizzy Plapinger (under the solo moniker of LPX) enters a room or conversation, it certainly takes notice. So it's only fitting that right before her last Falls Festival show in Fremantle, she'll be commanding The Lansdowne, one of the hallmarks of the Sydney live music scene since the '90s (think early shows by iconic Aussie bands like You Am I and Died Pretty).

Many know Lizzy as one core half of New York-based duo MS MR, a collaboration with producer, choreographer and longtime mate Max Hershenow that's currently on hiatus. However, she's also a pillar in the world of spotting talent in their early years (Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Marina), being a co-founder of boutique record label Neon Gold with Derek Davies.

After touring for six years with MS MR, the artist decided to go her own way, releasing the hard-hitting EP Bolt In The Blue as LPX in January. The beautiful thing about the project is that it's a true extension of Lizzy's lease on life, especially music - she's not quite rock, not quite pop, and that sits just fine with her (and us!).

Sure Lizzy posted this on her own behalf while on the long journey here, but the feelings are certainly reciprocated:

To celebrate one of our own finally returning to our shores - a sister from another mister if you will - here are the main things we can't wait for Lizzy to bring to her string of Aussie shows.

1. A sharp wit to go with her unbridled live energy

The first time I caught Lizzy at a gig was two years ago while she was still actively performing in MS MR, at the Maitland leg of regional festival Groovin The Moo. What immediately struck me was an intoxicating balance of smooth moves, powerful vocal runs and an emotional intelligence that in this day and age is rare.

That intelligence bled through one of our earliest episodes, on which Lizzy was GA's first-ever podcast guest. From talking about the limitations of such a giant streaming service like Spotify, to recognising the then-unearthed potential of New York's King Princess, the musician and curator knows her stuff - We can't wait to see that translate onstage at The Lansdowne.

2. The solo tunes, particularly latest jam 'Might Not Make It Home'

While it's unwise to try and pigeon-hole her into a single box (or a box at all, really), what I do know is April's 'Might Not Make It Home' is a slow-paced yet hard-hitting ode to shedding responsibility, when we often feel like slaves to it in adulthood.

In Lizzy's words about the tune:

"It’s a love letter to every wild, wonderful and legendary night out I’ve had in New York City, where I’m proud to live. I wanted to bottle up that feeling of freedom, debauchery and harmless recklessness and share it like a sonic shot of The Big Apple with all its pleasures, expected and otherwise."

From a personal standpoint, it certainly encouraged me to embrace the freedoms of living in Sydney - sure it's got its issues and is very different to New York, but we also need to remember to bring a little perspective back in.

Keep updated with LPX via her socials and website, and grab tickets to her very special Lansdowne show on January 4 here.